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Welcome to Sally Wisbey Nutrition

Are you concerned about your health or worry whether you are eating the right diet?

With so many mixed messages in the media about what foods are good and bad for us along with never ending ‘diets’ continuously advertised, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and be left wondering what the right diet is for your health. The answer is that it is very individual and dependant on each person’s health conditions and goals. This is why it is essential to obtain diet and lifestyle advice from a nutritional therapist who is specialised in this field.

Health is never constant; challenges in our life can have negative effects on our physical and emotional ‘state of mind’.

Almost everyone has some form of health condition, whether it is digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, headaches or high blood pressure, but few people make the connection between their diet and health condition.

Many people live their lives feeling ‘okay’ but a change in diet can mean a change in life, resulting in optimum health and vitality. Whatever your health concerns, I offer food and lifestyle advice to encourage the adoption of a permanent lifestyle change and most importantly, a new you!