What to expect from a consultation

Each consultation is individually tailored to you and your personal goals. Prior to the consultation you will be expected to fill out a personal information sheet including information about current medication and supplements being taken, current health conditions and goals to be achieved from the consultation. You will also be requested to keep a food diary for 5 days. All of this should be returned before your consultation.

An initial consultation will last about 1 hour and will involve a detailed discussion of your health, medical history, lifestyle and dietary analysis. An agreed action plan will be discussed to address your specific needs/goals and a protocol will then be sent to you after the consultation which will include practical food and lifestyle advice to help you implement the changes that need to be made so that you can achieve your goals. Supplements and diagnostic testing may be recommended as part of the protocol – this will help to identify any imbalances in your system. Information supporting the plan will be included where appropriate, such as meal ideas, recipes and handouts. Further email or text support between consultations will be provided if required.

Follow up consultations are strongly advised to assess your progress and discuss any changes that have occurred, ensuring you make continuous improvements to your health and life style and to assist you in achieving your goals. These will last around 45 minutes and a revised plan will be provided so that you can continue your progression. If any diagnostic testing has been carried out, the results will be discussed at this consultation. Follow ups are recommended 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation and can be done over the phone if more convenient.

24 hours notice is required if you wish to cancel your appointment, otherwise you may be charged for the full price of the consultation.

Please note: any diagnostic testing or nutritional supplements are at an additional cost.