What my clients say…

“My fitness has always been good but my diet not so great! After years of training hard as a swimmer for different clubs, I was selected to swim for my county which meant I had to pick up my fitness and pace. My coach said he noticed I was getting tired and not performing as well as I should. He suggested my diet could have something to do with it and recommended I saw someone for diet advice. Sally helped me understand the importance of the right carbohydrates and when to eat important foods like protein. She also worked with me to choose different ideas for meal times and snacks. After 3-4 weeks I noticed a difference in how I felt and my coach commented on how better I was performing. I am continuing to see Sally every 6-8 weeks so that I can ensure my diet is meeting the right requirements to allow me to swim at my best.”

James, 15, Guildford

“I have suffered from eczema all of my life, particularly after my second pregnancy when my hormones went awol! I was left with a daily red rash on my jaw line and on my eyelids which felt and looked like I had been burnt. I was also suffering from hot flushes. After trying numerous steroid creams from my doctor, which irritated my skin, I decided I needed to look at my diet and so I booked an appointment with Sally. After my consultation we looked at balancing my hormones naturally by changing my diet and taking supplements including fish oils to help my dry skin. After one month the difference was amazing and I am pleased to say I have not had an outbreak since. I have changed my diet and am more aware of certain foods that bring on my eczema such as fizzy drinks which I drunk to give me energy. Not only do I feel better but I also have a lot more confidence and energy to look after my 2 small children.”

Stephanie, 32, Essex

“Brighter skin, lighter and tons more energy! I followed Sally’s detox for 30 days and had amazing results. The plan was very informative and I learnt a lot about the theory behind the different types of food I was eating and possible side effects on my body. Gluten free living is the way forward for me! I loved the recipes – easy to follow and tasty! I would definitely recommend Sally’s detox plan to anyone looking to have a clean out and wanting to feel more vitalised!”

Sonia, 28, London

“After years of suffering with painful endometriosis I can now say that my symptoms have reduced drastically. From changing my diet (cutting out dairy and increasing foods such as oily fish) and taking various supplements the pain is now a lot less, my skin is better and I feel I have more energy. To top it off I am now pregnant, something I was told may never happen. Thank you so much!”

Rebecca, 37, London

“Simple, easy to follow, all encompassing, great results – this is how I would describe Sally’s detox plan. I used it as my New Year’s detox and it was the best plan by miles. Having tried a number of various programmes I would highly recommend this one. I felt healthier, I looked good, and I felt good; it was as if I was a new person! It wasn’t painful to do either – the biggest pain was getting all the ingredients to cook up the meals that came with the programme. Easy to follow recipes, combined with great flavour combinations mean that you can enjoy the detox rather than suffer through it! I would definitely recommend it.”

Tom, 39, London

“I was training for the Athens Marathon and needed to ensure that I ate the right food to provide the fuel for sustained endurance. Having looked around I decided to see Sally for a consultation. She asked about my general health, training regime, current diet, and future goals. Having taken away the information she then created for me an individual nutrition plan, with options to make it work for my tastes. It was flexible, well presented and easy to follow. My main issue with endurance running was muscle cramps, and during some of my harder training sessions I had been experiencing delayed cramps which worried me. However on Sally’s programme these fears were quickly put to rest. She explained the science behind the cramps, and provided the solutions. As a result I could train harder, and on the day of the marathon I managed to run the majority of the 26 miles without cramping. I put this down to her assistance. Overall she helped me achieve my goals and I am grateful for her nutritional advice.”

Oliver, 35, London